In the Vrbani district of Zagreb, we designed the office space for the innovative tech company Superology. One of the key requirements for the new office was to integrate the space with a culture that promotes openness and transparency while also providing areas for privacy and focused work.

 Therefore, we created an environment that nurtures innovation at all levels, where young employees of Superology and its sister company, Sportening, enthusiastically develop mobile applications in the sports entertainment industry.

To encourage interaction among employees from different departments, we situated the entire office on one floor of an office building in Vrbani, following urban design principles. The result is an office space of nearly 2.000 square meters that comprises public avenues, streets, squares, and more private, secluded zones. Thus, we have realised a space that fosters inclusion without segregating teams onto separate floors, often hindering communication and interaction.  

The heart of the office is the main square, serving as the central hub for socialising. Alongside the large lecture hall, it opens onto the atrium and occasionally transforms into a venue for company-wide gatherings. A series of workspaces is interspersed with meeting rooms and video call booths, while the central area houses representative conference halls and a think tank – an idea laboratory that also functions as the office library. One unique feature of the office is a secret room for special meetings – a speakeasy bar accessed through a hidden passage behind the library, activated by pulling one of the books.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ena Tadej (Architectural Project Manager)

Jelena Babić (Architect)

Marijana Vučemilović Zec (Architect)

Siniša Zaninović (Architectural Drafter)

Loïc Nadal (Product Designer)

Petra Čovran (Product Designer)


External associates

Bojan-Haron Markičević (Photography)