With our strategic approach to design, we create successful spaces that surpass short-lived trends and create memorable experience for their users.


We gather a wealth of primary data to gain an in-depth understanding of space usage and functionality, along with insights into the actual needs of clients and end users of the space.

What can we do
for you?

  • Structured Workshops
  • Employee Surveys
  • Workspace Utilisation Study
  • In-Store Shopper Tracking
  • Retail Behaviour Analysis
  • Shopper Journey Mapping
  • Retail Heat Maps
  • Competitor Analysis

Concept & Strategy

Relying on the results of analysis, we develop creative concepts, as well as retail and workplace strategies. The strategy includes defining main user profiles and their interaction with the space, creating a spatial planning scheme, and developing guidelines for the positioning of branding and visual communication.

What can we develop
for you?

  • Creative Concept
  • Retail Strategy
  • Retail Location Strategy
  • Quick Fix Solutions
  • Workplace Strategy

Architecture & Design

We develop conceptual designs, detailed architectural projects, and technical drawings for custom furniture, catering to a variety of commercial spaces such as stores, offices, restaurants, bars, exhibition spaces, and fairs.

What can we design
for you?

  • Retail Design
  • Workspace Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Stand Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Event Design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Retail & HoReCa Toolkit
  • Detailed Architectural Project
  • Bill of Items
  • Detailed Technical Engineering Projects
  • Use Permit
  • Technical Drawings of Furniture

Project Management

We organise the construction process, coordinate contractors and suppliers, and provide quality control during production to ensure a smooth and frictionless project execution for the client.

How can we
guide you?

  • Project Organisation
  • Budget and Timeline Monitoring
  • Coordination with Landlord
  • Technical Coordination with Contractors and Suppliers
  • Supervision of the Execution of Architectural Works
  • Snag List


We offer our expertise in crafting memorable spatial experiences, as well as creating effective retail environments that drive customer engagement and sales.

How can we
advise you?

  • Guidelines for Enhancing the Existing Design and Spatial Experience
  • Creative Consultation for Conceptual Design Development
  • Technical Consultation for Detailed Project Development
  • Coordination with Key Stakeholder

Our clients