ReversingLabs, a leading cybersecurity company founded in Croatia in 2009, has been steadily expanding its global presence over the years. They now have offices in Croatia, Switzerland, and the USA. In the fall of 2018, they unveiled their new headquarters in Zagreb, covering 2.000 sq. m. spread over two floors of a building on Radnička Street.

In this new office project, we've incorporated various amenities, including spaces for socialising, relaxation, work, meetings, short calls, and a spacious terrace, aligning with the contemporary trends in workspace design.  

From the inception of the project, we found the concept of a “Cyber Jungle” to be the perfect inspiration for designing the offices of a cybersecurity company. In a metaphorical sense, ReversingLabs navigates through a cyber jungle of data and information, uncovering numerous digital threats like malware and other perils. Our interior design concept reflects the work of these skilled cyber jungle explorers. The space is adorned with lush greenery, and we've integrated various cyber elements, such as regular-shaped grids on the ceiling, which serve as a backdrop for the cyber narrative.  

Wall graphics were developed in collaboration with the design team of ReversingLabs, enhancing the cyber landscape with vibrant colours, lines, and motifs inspired by beloved heroes like Spock and Neo. Cyber palm trees blend seamlessly with real office plants, making the workspace more inviting. While the cyber jungle concept extends through common areas and communication spaces, the enclosed offices adopt a more subdued design, ideal for concentration and focused work. Nevertheless, employees still have glimpses of the lush jungle and foliage through glass walls.  

A prominent illuminated metal cage display, featuring 3D-printed representations of malware and digital threats securely contained by the ReversingLabs team, serves as a focal point near the main entrance. Here, you can see pests like Blue Banana, Trojan, Cerberus, and other cyber predators that the team confronts in their daily work.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marina Brletić (Architectural Project Manager)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna  (Product Designer)

Petra Ladan (Architect)

External associates

ReversingLabs team: Tomislav Peričin, Marina Bedran, Igor Oršolić

Bratislav Milenković (Illustrations/Malware characters)

Vanja Vikalo (Wall drawings)

Sanja Bistričić (Photographer)

Katarina Ćirković (Photographer)

Foliage: Studio Botanike (Interior Plantscaping)