Tech & entertainment company

We were asked by a leading company in the European sports entertainment industry, to design their newest office space in Zagreb. From the very beginning it was clear how the company's office space had to reflect the brand values and above all its mission; To Excite the World.

While this was achieved by meticulously crafting the look and feel throughout the interiors, one of the main desires coming from the local team was to design a space where a collaborative approach towards work could be promoted. This was achieved by finding the right balance between spaces dedicated to individual work and areas for group-based activities. Due to the nature of work carried out in the space, the client expressed the need to provide the office with as many meeting rooms as possible.

This insight became crucial from both a functional and creative standpoint, resulting in having most of the meeting rooms and video call rooms running through the open space office in a defined sequence of individual volumes, effectively becoming the functional 'backbone' of the office. These self-standing closed rooms were from the very beginning seen as some sort of scaled-down stadiums. Just like sports stadiums, these rooms host a group of people carrying out specific activities in a defined amount of time and positive outcomes will depend mostly on teamwork. To strengthen the visual reference to sports stadiums the decision to round the corners of the rooms was taken. 

This row of purpose-based rooms becomes the core of the office space, drawing the employees from their departments towards the center of the office and the nearby communal dining and lounge area. By doing so, the interaction between different departments is sensibly increased, contributing to forming a feeling of being part of the team.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ena Tadej (Arhitect)

Loic Nadal (Designer)

External associates

Marko Mihaljević (Photography)

Modulosam - Miro Petković (Graffiti)

Suppliers and contractors

Centrum Construct, ADDE, Ar-area, KK dekorativa, Pin Tehnika, Schrack, STO, Trika, Vrtni centar Flora, Pozor, Arhitekstura