Tele 2

Our long-time client, who has been present in the Croatian market since 2005, presented us with a new challenge in 2019: upgrading the existing retail concept developed by Brigada to align it with the brand's new visual identity. For us, the new Tele2 retail concept meant critically evaluating our own design and improving it.

The new concept is based on the company's current visual identity guidelines, which utilise three primary colours: red, blue, and green, along with the achromatic colours, namely black, white, and grey.  

The store layout emphasises spaciousness, with products displayed on desks situated in the centre of the store and within wall niches. This design allows customers to move freely throughout the space, exploring it without encountering visual or physical barriers. Simultaneously, the space remains tidy and easy to navigate, enabling customers to quickly find the products they're interested in.  

The furniture design serves as a neutral backdrop for product displays, combining white colour with oak wood veneer. This visually clean and minimalist space provides an ideal canvas for the new Tele2 graphic identity, which is equally clear and direct in conveying messages. The result is a new retail concept enhances the spatial experience, reinforces the recognition of the Tele2 identity, facilitates customer movement, and makes the product offerings easily accessible.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

David Kabalin (Architect)

Marina Brletić (Architect)

Kristina Jeren (Architect)

Simon Morasi Piperčić (Product designer)

External associates

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)