Roto dinamic

The first step in developing a new retail concept and design for Roto Dinamic, a chain of liquor stores, involved observing the behaviours and preferences of Roto's existing shoppers. The findings unveiled that the physical retail space hadn't reached its full potential and lacked a compelling incentive for customers to visit.

The concept "celebration is a serious business" was introduced to address the recognised shortcomings of the previous store. The new retail concept thus employs clear segmentation into sections offering an extensive array of products for diverse types of celebrations.

This setup ensures a seamless shopping journey, inviting customers to delve deeper into the store's offerings.  Customers at the test location, Roto Dinamic store in Planinska Street, are now able to create their own wish list of products they need by using the party planner calculator.

They can also pick up their chilled drinks directly from the cooling chamber and stock up on various other party essentials such as ice, spices, cocktail assortments, and cups. After their party is over, they can return what they didn't end up using.  

In addition to the party planner feature, the space also includes a novel party gondola. The gondola shelf invites customers to further explore the offer, and its specific design and content already evoke a party atmosphere. The gondola shelf acts as a sort of reminder, containing exactly what shoppers usually forget to stock up for their party: straws, cups, and snacks. The party atmosphere is further enhanced with a disco ball, upbeat music, and ambient scent.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validžić (Project and Strategy Manager)

Jelena Babić (Architecture Project Manager)

Mia Petričević (Architect)

External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photographer)

ZOO Agency (Graphic design)