Shopping for used vehicles can be a transparent and enjoyable experience, and that's precisely what AutoZubak Neostar set out to prove.

 With the assistance of Brigada, they succeeded in building what is likely the first auto dealership that seamlessly integrates online and offline sales of used cars. Instead of placing used cars in a traditional parking lot, they have created a specially designed environment that adopts an omnichannel approach to sales.  

By following global trends that connect e-commerce and physical commerce, maximising the benefits of both to enhance the shopping experience, this showroom complements the recently launched e-commerce website.

In a similar fashion to how an online customer can easily examine a used car from every angle using a 360-degree view, visitors to the showroom can use a tablet linked to each car to gain insight into the technical specifications and the status of each vehicle, as well as browse all available cars. This empowers the customer to shop independently, free from the common uncertainties and distrust often associated with the process of buying a used car.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marina Brletić (Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna (Product Designer)

Ivana Validžić (Project Manager)

Jurica Sinković (Architect)

External associates

AutoZubak/ Dimitrije Trbović (CEO), Žaklina Trbović (Board Member in charge of Marketing), Prostor EKO (Project Execution Planners)

Maja Carek (Project Manager)

Domagoj Kunić, Domagoj Blažević (Photographers)