Multicom, the specialised shop for IT and technical equipment, has opened its doors to a newly designed store in Podgorica. We have crafted a unique shopping experience, designed, and furnished the space to appeal to enthusiasts of cutting-edge technology and gadgets as well as avid gamers.

The Multicom store was conceived with the concept of amplifying the brand's visual identity through the multiplication of colours and forms. It also reimagines the idea of a “multi” space, seamlessly combining an array of products, ranging from televisions, mobile phones, and laptops to home appliances and computer games.

The floor space has been thoughtfully segmented to group related products, while the blending of the brand's colours counterbalances the deep blue shade of the ceilings and walls. Portions of the concrete structure have been intentionally left exposed, creating a contrast with the sleekly displayed products.  

A specially designed gaming zone invites visitors to test computers and play their favourite games. On the wall within this zone, a screen allows the public to watch users as they play and track their progress. The television section features an organised system with colour-matched lines, complete with brackets for easy and flexible changing and adding new televisions.

Separated by a passage, the home appliances zone recreates a cosy home atmosphere, accentuated by details like hanging shelves in the central area, small storage cupboards for clothing, and a miniature kitchen area.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marina Brletić (Architect and Designer)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

External associates

Aleksandar Jaretić (Photographer)