The modern way of living has significantly influenced our approach and consumption of food. Due to our ever-faster lifestyles, the days when meals were prepared at home and shared with family around the table are becoming fewer and fewer.

Consumers now view meals as a practical necessity, requiring minimal time, energy, and money investment. These shifts in lifestyle have also impacted and transformed Mlinar, the leading Croatian company in the bakery industry.

Once a destination bakery where people purchased bread, pastries, and flour products to prepare and enjoy at home, Mlinar has evolved into an on-the-go chain specialising in baked goods. Our new concept identifies and addresses two distinct types of Mlinar shops: On-the-Go and Take Home. These cater to different shoppers on different occasions, each with their unique consumption patterns.

The store has evolved from a traditional bakery with an inflexible, static design into a dynamic space that facilitates the decision-making and purchasing process. Mlinar shops are now vibrant – products are coming in and out of the oven in front of the customers, fresh products are alternating in the shop window several times a day, digital displays are informing customers about best deals and new products, and grab&go displays offer the option to enhance purchases with complementary items, even for those in a hurry.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Zoja Ivanišević (Project Manager)

Dominik Cergna (Product Designer)


External associates

Domagoj Blažević (Photography)