Throughout centuries of maritime heritage, fish markets have consistently held a special place as essential centers where communities revel in the treasures of the sea. Embodying the cultural significance of coastal living, they nurture shared connections. Today, these markets endure as vibrant spaces that adapt to modern tastes while upholding the timeless essence of providing fresh, sustainable seafood—a seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary culinary art.

Brigada approached the design of one of the most traditional types of retail - the Fish Market - in a unique way! We created a distinctive space that inspires not only through its offerings but also through the spatial experience, making this store an ideal place for gastronomy enthusiasts.

From the Food Lab to the Food Bar, all the way to the Fish Corner, a balance between aesthetics and experience has been achieved, making this space truly special. Every part of the store is carefully crafted to make it effortless for customers to navigate through the diverse offerings, providing opportunities for tasting various foods that can elevate your culinary experience.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

Dorotea Šarić (Architect)

Boško Opalić (Architect)

External associates

Vigor Klaić (Photography)

Suppliers and contractors

Basileus d.o.o., Lupam&Hach carpentry