Supernova Group

The Branimir Centre, situated in the heart of Zagreb, opened its doors in 2003 and had long been associated primarily with the cinema housed within its premises. Despite its prime location and the presence of the country's most visited cinema, the Centre had not fully harnessed its potential.

It failed to provide content that could attract and retain visitors beyond the cinema screenings. In response, the centre’s new owner, the Austrian Supernova Group, decided to take action to reposition the mall. The joint effort of Brigada and the creative agency Señor resulted in a new positioning strategy, visual identity, and interior design for the centre.  

The goal was to transform a trip to the mall from a mere obligation into an opportunity for quality leisure and social interaction. The strategy aimed to firmly establish Branimir as a destination for those who value socialising over shopping, hence the concept of the 'mingle mall'. In-depth analysis of the preferences of existing visitors and those drawn to the mall informed the redesign. The outcome was a mall that catered to individuals who prioritise meaningful moments.

This included young families with children, professionals who visited the mall for lunch, informal business meetings, or fitness, and residents of the neighbouring communities, for whom Branimir became a hub for daily errands and socialising. The mall transitioned from being a conventional shopping centre into a vibrant public space and meeting place, enriching the neighbourhood and fostering community bonds.  

The interior focal point is the food court, a central meeting area that ensures privacy through lush greenery, gentle lighting, Bolon flooring, and a counter. Special mingling zones, the so-called 'minglačići,' were introduced as dedicated points for socialising, relaxation, or work. These zones feature seating areas of varying heights, suitable for all age groups to utilise together or separately. Through this flexible design, we departed from the standard seating norms in public mall spaces, promoting the freedom of use and empowering visitors to customise their experience based on their needs in any given moment.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

Marina Brletić (Architect)


External associates