Bilic Vision

The Alfa Vision eyewear store in Masarykova Street in Zagreb presented a challenge in achieving maximum functionality within a relatively small space. Through an innovative approach to product display and the incorporation of wooden and copper decorative elements, our team successfully created a functional store that invites customers to freely explore its offerings.

In the centre of the store, a counter serves as both a cash register and a customer service point. This layout promotes free movement through the space, enabling customers to browse and try on products displayed on long, well-illuminated open shelves. Strategically positioned mirrors offer the convenience of multiple customers trying on products simultaneously, thus solving the problem of potential congestion issues in certain areas of the store.  

Additionally, the store features a designated area for eye examinations and a service zone, discreetly separated by a copper door. These sections are not immediately visible and can only be accessed with the assistance of a staff member, ensuring a seamless flow within the store.  

The storefront serves as a means of communication with passers-by. Placing products on the sides, rather than the centre, of the window not only captures the attention of those walking by but also creates a vantage point to observe the store's interior. This dual function of the shop window acts as both a display and an invitation, enticing potential customers to step inside.



Ivana Validžić (Project and Strategy Manager)

Kristina Volf (Creative Director)

Mia Petričević (Architect)

Neva Baričić (Junior Architect)

Dina Bartolić (Product Designer)

External associates

Mario Poje (Photographer)