We shaped the exhibition using materials and stories that Varteks used to build itself over more than 100 years of its existence. The physical design elements of the exhibition are represented by textiles that mark different zones, and each zone tells a story that encapsulates what we remember best about Varteks and provides insight into the future of this fashion house.

Each story captivates visitors for a few minutes, immersing them in moments from Varteks' history, whether it was the company's global collaborations or its brand-building through striking posters and advertisements.  

Rather than displaying a hundred-year history in chronological sequence, we present it as a collection of moments, feelings, images, and objects associated with specific periods in Varteks' life. Visitors take away from the exhibition a story that resonates with them the most, such as the unwavering strength of its female workers, the timeless design of Žuži Jelinek's suit jackets, the rhythm and sound of the production machines, or the opportunity to try on coats and walk down Varteks' runway.  

The stories that tailor Varteks are never-ending; they continue to emerge with the new collection that both opens and closes this exhibition. It tells a story of contemporary quality, bearing witness to the future that awaits this fashion brand.



Creative Concept, Exhibition Design and Visual Identity

Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Kristina Volf (Art Director)

Marina Brletić (Exhibition Designer)

Marija Lukić (Project Manager)

External associates

Matej Grgić (Photographer)

Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb and Varaždin City Museum (Exhibition set-up)