In this project, our primary challenge was to figure out how to translate the brand's core values, which revolve around a profound respect for the environment, nature, and people, into the design of a bookshop.

 The bookshop's concept had to genuinely reflect the values promoted by Planetopija as a publishing house and library, as well as by Biovega as their parent brand, succinctly summarised in the slogan: “the best nature and man can give.” Additionally, we set out to integrate an area for eco-friendly products, create a dedicated children's corner, and establish a space where visitors could pause and immerse themselves in reading.  

Our concept is thus rooted in the idea of a caring bookshop - a space that exudes attentiveness towards both the customer and their personal growth through reading. It also underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility, as evidenced by our selection of eco-friendly products and materials. Furthermore, our dedication to the environment led us to repurpose and recycle existing furniture found at the location, giving it new life and functionality.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ena Tadej (Project Manager, Architect)

Ana Herceg (Designer)

External associates

Domagoj Kunić (Photographer)