Auto Zubak

AutoZubak Neostar repair shops provide services for all car brands and offer a used car retail service. This project marks the first branded environment of its kind in the region.

Brigada was entrusted with this unique task, as the client sought to ensure that their repair shops embodied brand values, just as effectively as their logo or advertisements.  

The primary objective was to create a more welcoming and open space. The challenge lay in designing a standardised building that could function effectively across various land lots and cities, each with its unique requirements.  

The exterior design of the building mirrors the shape of the logo, serving as a distinctive spatial marker that dominates its location. These modular buildings are adaptable, coming in two or three parts, either freestanding or integrated into existing architecture, depending on the specific land lot. The interior space is divided into several units, including an area for car examinations, a waiting room, and a sales office.



Damjan Geber (Creative Director)

Ivana Validižić (Project Manager)

Ana Mažuran (Architectural Project Manager)

Marina Brletić (Architect)

Ena Tadej (Architect)

Dora Kljenak (Architect)



External associates

Auto Zubak/ Dimitrije Trbović (President of the Management Board Creative Director)

Bojan Haron (Photographer)