Kofein agency

Storymaking office

This office design takes a unique approach by blending the formal, functional aspects of traditional workspace with strong, yet subtle design moves for an overall creative and unexpected spatial identity. Kofein's primary function is to act as a pleasant workspace. However, its thoughtful spatial disposition of open and closed zoning allows it to serve as a gallery, a cinema, a coffee shop, or a place for fun and relaxation. The motif of "Kofein" has been translated into the reception desk by giving the impression of entering a boutique coffee shop, a small lounge area where people might have coffee or read a newspaper.

The work zone occupies the largest portion of the open floor plan, utilizing a flexible workspace organization which gives the ability to add space with an increase in employees, without affecting the quality of work or spatial experience. The final result is a modern, functional, and eclectic space that serves as a primary office, but also encourages the creation of creative and quality new ideas.



Vlatka Leskovar (Creative Director)

Ivana Validižić (Project Manager)

Jelena Babić (Architectural Project Manager)

Damjan Geber (Business Manager)

Matea Bertina  (Product Design Intern)

External associates

Jure Živković (Photographer)