"We created a giant world and brought to life a iconic place in the history of Zagreb. In collaboration with Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and TZGZ, we have realized two new locations for Zagreb's Advent. Brigada invited the agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey to collaborate on the creation of two new Advent locations in Zagreb.

Brigada's idea is based on the desire to provide Advent visitors with completely new locations that are different from the others, without traditional Christmas stalls, focusing solely on the experience of Advent magic. Additionally, the aim was to create something for age groups that have been somewhat overlooked until now - the youngest and the oldest.

Big Big Christmas

The first of the two selected locations is Svačić Square, chosen to create a warm Advent atmosphere in a completely new setting. The desired atmosphere was achieved by placing eight oversized sculptures of Christmas motifs, leading to the location being named "Big Big Christmas." Two sculptures of gifts, shooting stars, Christmas tree ornaments, candy canes, boots, bells, and a Christmas cookie were designed, constructed, and installed. The biggest challenge was to construct and transport huge sculptures made of styrofoam blocks, including a shooting star that is four meters tall, and a larger gift sculpture weighing over 300 kilograms. The lengthy process of creation took two months, requiring the use of cranes to place the sculptures in the desired locations. This fairytale-like location is primarily intended for the youngest population, but there is no doubt that even the older ones will be thrilled.

Mažuranić Ball

Idea for the second Advent location was inspired by history. In the early 19th century, the highly popular restaurant "Kolo" operated on this location, organizing music and dance 'day and night, summer and winter.' Through the joint efforts of BŽG, Brigada and TZGZ, the idea was realized, reviving a cult location in the history of Zagreb. Attention was given to the smallest details (such as the color of the light bulb) to create a warm Advent atmosphere. The music program is mainly based on classical and jazz, and there will be no gastronomic offerings at the Ball because the primary goal was to create new Advent locations that are significantly different from all others. The biggest challenge was to construct and transport the central motif of the ball – a huge chandelier with a diameter of almost five meters, weighing a staggering 200 kilograms and consisting of around 200 light bulbs. However, there are also many small logistical challenges when it comes to an event based on a daily program. The modern version of this iconic historical place is primarily intended for an older audience, but it is expected to generate interest across diverse generations."



Damjan Geber (Creative director)

Kristina Volf (Creative director)

External associates


Event: Tomislav Zeljko

Social media lead: Sara Grepo

Social media manager: Marija Polimac


Organisation and production: Hanger Media

Production: Lenard kiparske usluge

Light and sound: DBoki

Scenography: Blue Orange Media

Photography: Domagoj Kunić

Photography and video: Imhotep