Brigada in action - Department of Pediatrics in Koprivnica

December 14, 2020.

Over the years we have successfully created and carried out several charity campaigns, such as the interior renovations of the Vukovar Gymnasium, the Psychiatric Hospital Ugljan, and the Kantrida Children’s Hospital in Rijeka. Our desire to contribute to the community was also recognised by Podravka, Croatia’s leading food company, which offered to collaborate with us in the campaign to renovate the paediatrics ward of the Koprivnica General Hospital.

This is part of a broader initiative where Podravka donated funds to the General Hospital in Koprivnica for the purchase of incubators, examination beds and closets that the ward needed, including the equipment for the ward’s common area that we renovated together.

The space where the youngest patients stay should instil hope, create a sense of safety, and be playful at the same time. Just like in Alice in Wonderland, we wanted to create a space that transports the little patients and their parents into another happier and more colourful dimension.

The common area of the paediatric ward where the youngest patients and their parents spend time together is now decorated with playful wall coverings depicting Podravka’s smiling characters of Lino, Lada, and Kviki, while the equipment is suitable for children of different ages.

The area near the window is for the youngest ones to show off their cooking skills, the lounge area can be used by parents or anyone who wants to take part in a Playstation battle, but it can also be turned into a home cinema. On the other side of the room, there is a corner for teenagers and everyone who wants to use the computer for online studying or research, with two big tables right next to it for creative work, painting, or playing a puzzle game. The new paediatrics common area is now equipped with various brand-new toys and board games, picture books, puzzles and educational toys.

Sponsor: Podravka