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Brigada is a full service spatial design agency.

When designing successful spaces, we focus on all aspects of architecture and interior design using our extensive knowledge of brand and consumer psychology with a multidisciplinary approach rooted in extensive research. A complete interior is a space that looks good, feels great, meets the client’s goals, reflects brand identity, and above all, provides the right kind of sensation. Brigada specializes in the many stages of pre-planning, such as human behavior and consumer psychology, visual communication and customer guidance, visual merchandising, product placement, and customer relations.

These are important steps in planning any new project, as they influence various aspects of interior design, such as the selection of materials, furniture placement, product display, and lighting.
We devise a complete architecture and design strategy for most of our clients. This may include brand positioning, spatial organization, construction and lighting, and furniture, visual, and storefront design. For multiple-location interior design projects, we put together a complete construction and branding manual that facilitates the construction process, significantly reduces the production costs, and ensures consistency.